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A Step Beyond
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Special thanks to Misha Bullock and David Robert Bridge for creating the custom music and to Michael Libbie for providing the intro/exit voice-over.
A Step Beyond
The podcast to inspire creativity and imagination.
At some point, everyone needs to be inspired. If you’re looking for a great story or personal example to help jump-start your imagination and creativity, then A STEP BEYOND is for you. Through meaningful conversations and storytelling, this podcast will serve as an interaction with the people who are the stories: current, living, creators of new ideas, developers of the latest innovations, and examples of success. Through engagement with the “who behind the what,” the stories come alive and create an emotional impact. A STEP BEYOND is an extension of the host’s new book, A Quarter Million Steps, which connects the modern topics of imagination, creativity, innovation, focus, teamwork, work ethic, transformative change, and with the applied history and past lessons learned throughout the very successful Apollo Moon Program in the 1960s.
Kari Byron Podcast Spacer Howard Berger Podcast
Kari Byron   Howard Berger
Co-Host of MythBusters and White Rabbit Project   Oscar and Emmy Award-Winning Make-Up and Effects Artist
November 6, 2017   November 13, 2017
In this episode of A STEP BEYOND, Dr. Anthony Paustian talks with Kari Byron, co-host of Discovery Channel’s MythBusters, White Rabbit Project on Netflix, and a variety of other shows combining art and science to solve problems.
In this episode of A STEP BEYOND, Dr. Anthony Paustian talks with Howard Berger, an Oscar and Emmy-winning make-up and visual effects designer who’s worked on over 800 feature films and television shows.
Niall McCann Podcast   Gabor George Burt Podcast
Dr. Niall McCann   Gabor George Burt
Explorer, Biologist, and Host of Biggest and Baddest   International Innovation, Creativity, and Strategy Expert
COMING SOON! - November 20, 2017   COMING SOON! - November 27, 2017
In this episode of A STEP BEYOND, Dr. Anthony Paustian talks with Dr. Niall McCann, host of NatGeo’s Biggest and Baddest who resides in Wales. He’s an explorer and biologist who works on the frontlines of conservation to save endangered species.
  In this episode of A STEP BEYOND, Dr. Anthony Paustian talks with Gabor George Burt, an internationally recognized innovation and strategy expert and author of Slingshot. Gabor has travels the world speaking about reigniting our childhood creativity.